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Precision Dive Products feels strongly about playing an active role in protecting the rights of divers and ocean access. It is not just something to strive for on the side lines. Ocean stewardship is an essential part of being a responsible member of our community. It starts with OUR actions... your actions. We see it as our duty, our pleasure and our passion to develop partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to preserving our sport, our lifestyle and our planet.
Below you will find links to organizations that share our goals. Groups that are commited to protecting your diving rights and mine. We hope you'll take a minute to see how you can get involved, learn something or contribute in any way that expands your world. Thank you.

San Diego Freedivers:

The San Diego Freedivers is a club committed to supporting a fellowship with other freedivers, preserving the history of freediving and spearfishing, the stewardship of marine resources and to encourage competitions and sportsmanship. Click logo for more information.

Watermen's Alliance:

We are a community of divers whose common bond is our love for the ocean. Our mission is to provide stewardship of the ocean’s resources. As we believe divers to be among the ocean’s foremost protectors and conservationists, we will act at all levels to protect divers’ access to ocean resources and continue to promote the conservation ethics among all ocean users. Click logo for more information.

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