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Precision Dive Products sole focus is to bring innovative new apparel to the sports of diving, freediving and spearfishing.

The PDP seed sprouted in San Diego, California during the Spring of 2009…on the water amongst friends of course. An adventure sports enthusiast, spear fisherman and apparel designer by trade, Ryan Sweeney founded Precision Dive Products to merge his passion for the ocean and technical apparel design.

Growing up on Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey captivated Ryan’s curiosity for the water and laid the framework for a life long passion. Throughout these early years, he also had an artistic passion that eventually landed him in the Industrial Design program at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

After graduating in 2001, Ryan headed out for a 3 month adventure on a Ducati motorcycle to see the United States and ultimately discover where he would now call “home." After traveling through New Jersey, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico and everywhere in between, it became obvious -- Southern California is the place to be.

Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and San Diego have all been home, and the wide variety of outdoor activities Southern California is known for has been a great incubator for his personal and professional creativity. Most importantly, it has unleashed a passion for living life to its fullest and a desire to build products that allow us to take our sports to the next level.

Precision Dive Products officially launched in the Spring of 2010 with the introduction of the Spearo spearfishing backpack. Today Ryan is an active board member with the San Diego Freedivers and remains an active member of the fishing community in defending our fishing rights.

Stay tuned -- this is just the first of many spearo and dive specific products coming down our creative pipeline. See ya on the water!

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